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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Narwal products are available for purchase on our official website, at Narwal retail stores, as well as on Shopee and Lazada official stores.

Yes, contact us to schedule a demonstration or find a showroom near you. Showroom locations can be referenced on Locate us

Yes, we offer servicing or repairs for Narwal vacuum cleaners, but only for devices that are officially sold by us.


We accept credit/debit cards, online banking, e-wallets, and installment payments for your convenience.

Yes, we provide installment payment options for eligible purchases as well as financial providers. Contact us at +60166762766 or email us at for more information on installment plans.

No, there is no additional service charge for credit card payment.

Orders & Shipping

Once your order is shipped, you'll receive an tracking number from us. Simply click on the provided link to track your package in real-time. For any questions, contact us at +60166762766 or email us at

We ship out orders from Monday to Friday, but deliveries can occur from Monday to Saturday.

Unfortunately, once an order is confirmed, it cannot be edited. If you need assistance or have any concerns about your order, please contact our customer support team at +60166762766.

Yes, we deliver our products across Malaysia.

You'll receive your items within 2-5 working days after confirmation.


Warranty registration is automatic based on the product serial number. No action is required from you to register for warranty.

1 Year local warranty is provided against all manufacturer defects.

*Not applicable to accessories.

To make a claim under the Manufacturer Warranty, please contact us +60166762766 or email us at . We'll guide you through the process and assist with your claim promptly.

Our Warranty Policy details can be found on our website under the Warranty Policy section.

Returns & Refunds

Yes, if your product is broken or not working due to defects not caused by human error, you may be eligible for a replacement under our warranty policy. To request a replacement, please contact us at +60166762766 or email us at and provide details about the issue with your product. We will guide you through the replacement process and assist you accordingly.

No, replacements are only provided for defective products. If you believe your product is defective, please contact our customer support team at +60166762766 or email us at to request a replacement.

Our Return Policy details can be found on our website under the Returns & Refund section.

Narwal Freo X Ultra & Freo

Base station: 370*415*435mm ≈ 8.75kg

Robot: 350*350*105mm ≈ 4.5kg

Package Size: 65cmx46cmx41cm

Here's everything included when you buy a Freo:

1* Robot, 1 * Base station, 1 * Power cord, 1 * Cleaning hook, 1 * Floor cleaner bottle (930ml), 2 * Mopping modules, 2 * Side brushes and 2 * Filter sponges

The capacity of the clean water tank is 4.05L and the capacity of the dirty water tank is 4.05L

To activate, simply scan the QR code with any QR code scanning app to receive a random four-digit activation code. Then, enter the activation code on the base station to gain entry to the homepage.

There are three ways to download the "Narwal Freo" app:

1. Scan the QR code in the manual to download the app.

2. After connecting the robot to the wifi on the base station, scan the QR code on the base station to download the app.

3. You may download "Narwal Freo" app from App Store or Google Play Store

Once Freo is connected to the network, you can use the Narwal app to operate Freo anytime, anywhere.

1. Click on "add a new device" in the app and select "Narwal Freo". A notification about Bluetooth & Location permission will appear. Please agree to the relevant permissions.
2. Please turn on the robot and place it in the base station
3. Connect to the robot's Bluetooth signal.
4. Enter WiFi information.
5. The app will change to a page that shows that the robot is connecting.

Both Narwal Freo X Ultra and Freo have a battery capacity of 5200mAH, it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Yes, the Freo is able to detect the types of floor materials while cleaning.

Both Freo X Ultra and Freo can mop up to 150 square meters/1615 square feet twice with a full charge and a fully filled clean water tank.

The drying temperature is 40°C. There are 2 outlets with 40°C hot air in the base station to dry the mop; this temperature is within a safe range. At the same time, the base station has protection against overheating. Temperature is monitored in real-time, and if the temperature is abnormal, the fuse wire will break to prevent safety accidents. 

Narwal S10 Pro

Base station: 305*309*237mm ≈ 2.6kg

Vacuum: 273*355*1172mm ≈ 4.4kg

Here's everything included when you buy a Narwal S1:

1* Vacuum, 1 * Base station, 1 * Power cord, 1 * Cleaning brush, 1 * Floor cleaner bottle, 1 * Mop roller, 1 * Hepa Filter

It is recommended to clean the waste water tank every time after using for hygiene purpose.

When the operating handle is at an angle of less than 25° to the ground, the floor scrubber will automatically enter low-lying area cleaning mode. In such areas where there is more dust and debris and the machine is closer to the ground, to prevent the fan from blowing up dust and causing secondary pollution, the floor scrubber will intelligently adjust its suction power.

The filter can be washed with water, but it needs to be dried thoroughly before use. After cleaning, it is recommended to first shake dry and then reinstall it into the floor scrubber. Press the Mode button shortly to activate the drying function and dry the filter.

The main unit of the vacuum, the operating handle, and the self-cleaning base contain electrical components and should not be soaked or rinsed with water. For detailed maintenance guidelines, please refer to the "Cleaning and Maintenance" section in the instruction manual.

After completing the cleaning process, the fan will continue to operate for a period of time during the pause or shutdown process to ensure that any water residue on the floor and in the pipes is suctioned dry. Therefore, we recommend waiting until the fan has completely stopped before moving the equipment.